668th BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Aircraft Marking for the

668th Bombardment Squadron (L)


Transcription from USAF Archives (Declassified IAW EO 12958)


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AAF 421 (668th Bomb. Sqdn.)                                    June 3, 1943. 

    SUBJECT: Aircraft Marking for the 668th Bombardment Squadron (L). 

    TO     : Commanding Officer, 416th Bombardment Group (L), Army Air Base, 
             Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

              By authority delegated to the Commanding General, Army Air 
    Forces, by AG letter 400.161 (12-7-42) OB-S-A, dated December 19, 1942, 
    the following insignia for the marking of aircraft of the 668th Bombard-
    ment Squadron (L), Army Air Forces, is approved: 

                   AIRCRAFT MARKING:  On a red disc, border white, edged 
                                      black, a caricatured white goat, out-
                                      lined black, running at top speed, 
                                      emitting white speed lines, and butting 
                                      disc to form large impact marks in shape 
                                      of irregular star yellow and white, all 
                                      in front of and over a large aerial bomb 
                                      yellow falling to sinister base, between 
                                      two yellow lightning bolts, points to 
                                      sinister base, as per record drawing. 

                                      The insignia will face toward the front 
                                      of the aircraft. 

                   SIGNIFICANCE:      The red background represents the squad-
                                      ron color, while the bomb and lightning 
                                      bolt symbolize swift, light bombardment 
                                      aviation.  The shattered star portrays 
                                      a march of power being crushed by the 
                                      speed and striking force of righteous-
                                      ness, which is the goal the squadron 
                                      desires to attain. 

                   HISTORY:           The 668th Bombardment Squadron (L) was 
                                      constituted January 25, 1943, by AG 320.2 
                                      (1-24-43) OB-I-AF-M, dated January 25, 
                                      1943, and made active February 5, 1943. 
                                      This unit has no other history and is 
                                      not entitled to battle honors. 

                      By command of General ARNOLD: 

                                            /s/ C. R. Frederick 
                                           /t/  C. R. FREDERICK, 
                                                Lieut. Colonel, Air Corps, 
                                                Actg. Chief, Special Service Division, 
                                       Office of Asst. Chief of Air Staff, Personnel. 

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668th Bombardment Squadron Aircraft Marking, incorrectly labeled as 671st

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