669th BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Aircraft Marking for the

669th Bombardment Squadron (L)


Transcription from USAF Archives (Declassified IAW EO 12958)


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AAF 421 (669th Bomb. Sqdn.)                               28 July 1943. 

     SUBJECT:  Aircraft Marking for the 669th Bombardment Squadron (L). 

     TO     :  Commanding Officer, 416th Bombardment Group (L), Lake Charles 
               Army Air Field, Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

              By authority delegated to the commanding General, Army Air 
     Forces, by AG letter 400.161 (12-7-42) OB-S-A, dated December 19, 1942, 
     the following insignia for the marking of aircraft of the 669th Bombard-
     ment Squadron (L), Army Air Forces, is approved: 

                    AIRCRAFT MARKING:  Over and through a light blue disc, thin 
                                       border red, piped white, a caricatured 
                                       figure, "Sure Shot Sully", in western 
                                       costume, consisting of brown hat, yellow 
                                       shirt, white vest, gray trousers, black 
                                       chaps, and brown holster about the waist 
                                       with black and white revolver handle 
                                       protruding from holster, standing in 
                                       saddle over red saddle cloth strapped 
                                       about the back of a caricatured tan and 
                                       white pinto pony, snorting steam proper, 
                                       and perched on a white cloud formation in 
                                       base; orange aerial bomb being held aloft 
                                       and hurled by right hand of "Sully". 

                                       The insignia will face the front 
                                       of the aircraft. 

                    SIGNIFICANCE:      "Sure Shot Sully" never misses; he deals 
                                       out death and destruction from his perch 
                                       on the clouds.  His faithful mount, 
                                       camouflaged and powerful, is well aware 
                                       of the objective of "Sully's" search and 
                                       will serve his master to the last. The 
                                       design depicts the untiring search of 
                                       the Squadron for its objective and the 
                                       driving home of the attack from the 

                    HISTORY:           The 669th Bombardment Squadron (L) was 
                                       constituted 25 January 1943, by AG 320.2 
                                       (1-24-43) OB-I-AF-M, dated 25 January 
                                       1943, and made active 5 February 1943. 

                                       This unit has no other history and is not 
                                       entitled to battle honors. 

                         By command of General ARNOLD: 

                                       ROBERT C. JONES, 
                                       Colonel, Air Corps, 
                                       Chief, Special Service Division, 
                                       Office of Asst. Chief of Air Staff, 
      1 Incl.                            Personnel. 

     421.4                           1st Ind.                             JWT/A-11 

     HEADQUARTERS, 416TH BOMB GP (L), ICAAF, Lake Charles, La. 

     TO:  Commanding Officer, 669th Bombardment Squadron (L), Army Air Field, 
          Lake Charles, La. 


                For the Commanding Officer: 

                                                          JAMES W. TOWNSEND, 
                                                          Major, Air Corps, 
      1 incl:                                             Adjutant. 

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