670th BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Aircraft Marking for the

670th Bombardment Squadron (L)


Transcription from USAF Archives (Declassified IAW EO 12958)


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AAF 421 (670th Bomb. Sqdn. )                              29 June 1943. 

  SUBJECT: Aircraft Marking for the 670th Bombardment Squadron (L). 

  TO     : Commanding Officer, 416th Bombardment Group (L), Army Air 
           Field, Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

           By authority delegated to the Commanding General, Army Air 
  Forces, by AG letter 400.161 (12-7-42) OB-S-A, dated December 19, 
  1942, the attached insignia for the marking of aircraft of the 
  670th Bombardment Squadron (L), Army Air Forces, is approved. 

              AIRCRAFT MARKING: On a light blue disc, border of three 
                                alternate bands blue, white, and orange, 
                                piped at inner side with white, a black 
                                caricature crow (Beaky the Bomber), in 
                                flight, having yellow bill, and wear-
                                ing an orange aviator's helmet, goggles 
                                white, trimmed black, and carrying in 
                                the beak a large orange aerial bomb, 
                                all emitting speed lines white to rear; 
                                three white cloud formations, one in 
                                chief, one in sinister fess, and the 
                                last in dexter base, as per record 

                                The insignia will face toward the 
                                front of the aircraft. 

              SIGNIFICANCE:     The design depicts the bombing mission 
                                of the Squadron, and the speed and in-
                                solent expression on the face of "Beaky 
                                the Bomber" aptly protray the swift 
                                and audacious bombing attacks which the 
                                Squadron desires to attain. 

              HISTORY:          The 670th Bombardment Squadron (L) was 
                                constituted 25 January 1943, by AG 320.2 
                                (1-24-43) OB-I-AF-M, dated 25 January 
                                1943, and made active 5 February 1943. 
                                This unit has no other history and is not 
                                entitled to battle honors. 

                  By command of General ARNOLD: 

  1 Incl. Drawing.                       C. R. FREDERICK, 
          A TRUE COPY                    Lieut. Colonel, Air Corps, 
                                         Actg. Chief, Special Service 
          FRANK M HOPPE                        Division, 
          1st Lt., Air Corps             Office of Asst. Chief of Arr Staff 
          Group Historical Officer       Personnel

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