671st BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

671st Bombardment Squadron (L)





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A-20G aircraft of the 671st Bomb Sq. over France about 19 April 44.

This photo nicely illustrates the standard six aircraft flight pattern, with
three ships leading in a "V" pattern and three more below in a "V" at slightly lower altitude.

This flight would have been in the #2 or #3 position as the lead aircraft
does not have a glass nose to accomodate a navigator/bombardier.

A typical "Box" would consist of 18 aircraft in three flights of six each.
A typical mission would consist of two or three boxes.

The "Box" was designed by General Curtis LeMay to maximize bomb pattern effectiveness
and to minimize casualties from flak and enemy aircraft.

Pre-Normandy flight of 671st A-20s on a mission

Pre-Normandy flight of 671st A-20s on a mission over France

Tail # 43-9699 (5C-I) in foreground, over France prior to 10 April 1944

A-20s of the 671st Bomb Sq. on a post Normandy Invasion mission

A-26 "Rickey Tick II" with crew Claude Brown and Jim Kerns (photo courtesy of Jim Kerns)

Left to Right, Lt. Muir, Lt. Col. Willetts, Lt. Royalty, Ssgt Rose before
"Reida Rae", A-26C A/C Serial # 43-22499 at Melun-Villaroche celebrating
the conclusion of the 200th mission of the 416th Bomb Group on 8 Feb 45.

This was the first combat mission for "Reida Rae", which has been
completely restored by Carl Sgamboti and his crew and is the keystone
of the 416th Bomb Group Memorial Exhibit at the New England Air Museum.