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Below are some Terms and Acronyms encountered in Prisoner Of War (POW) and Escape & Evasion (E&E) research.

CPMCaptured Personnel and Materials Branch of MIS, headquartered at Fort Hunt, Virginia
DMIDirectorate of Military Intelligence (UK)
Dulag LuftDurchgangslager der Luftwaffe - German for Air Force transit camp
E&E / EE / E and EEscape and Evasion
Escaper (Escapee)Soldier who escaped from enemy hands (MI9 classification)
Evader (Evadee)Soldier who had not been captured by (evaded) enemy forces (MI9 classification)
FFIFrench Forces of the Interior (French: Forces franšaises de l'IntÚrieur) refers to French resistance fighters in the later stages of World War II
FTRFail To Return - Date a Soldier Failed to Return from a Mission
IS9Intelligence School 9 - British organization, Chief task was the support and rescue of escaped POWs and evaders (E&Es) stranded in enemy territory in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. I.S.9 activities fell under M.I.9 (British Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 9), a department of the War Office during WW II.
KEWKew, Richmond, Greater London, UK - Location of UK The National Archives (TNA)
KLMFalse escape line in Antwerp, created by the Abwehr - German Miliraty intelligence
KMKiloMeter (KiloMetre) - Metric system distance measurement typically used in Europe and England, approximately 6/10ths of a U.S. Mile.
KMCKing's Medal for Courage
Kriegsgefangenen / KriegieGerman term for a POW Soldier (Sometimes found spelled "Kriegesgefangenen")
LuftGerman word for Air
LuftwaffeGerman word for AirForce
LWGLeft Waist Gunner - B-17 aircraft crew position
M and/or MMECustomary French title of respect and term of address - Monsieur (M) for men and Madame (MME) for women
MaquisRural guerrilla bands of French Resistance fighters, called maquisards, during the Nazi occupation of France in World War II
MI9British Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 9. British organization tasked with supporting available European Resistance networks and making use of them to assist Allied airmen shot down over Europe in returning to Britain. (British equivalent of MIS-X)
MIAMissing In Action
MISMilitary Intelligence Service, U.S. War Department
MIS-XEscape and Evasion Section (MIS-X) of the MIS
MOCMan of Confidence - Leader elected by fellow Prisoners in a POW camp
NARAU.S. National Archives and Records Administration
NFDNo Further Details
POWPrisoner of War
PWEPolitical Warfare Executive
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RAFRoyal Air Force - British AF
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
RAMPRecovered Allied Military Personnel (sometimes "American" used in place of "Allied")
RWGRight Waist Gunner - B-17 aircraft crew position
SAOSenior Allied Officer - Typically highest ranking Allied Officer in a given POW camp who was in charge of Allied Prisoners.
SOESpecial Operations Executive
SPGSpecial report, Prisoner, Germany
StalagGerman term used for prisoner-of-war camps; contraction of "Stammlager" (itself short for Kriegsgefangenen-Mannschaftsstammlager, a literal translation of which is "War-caught" (i.e. POW) "team" "main camp"). Therefore, technically "stalag" simply means "main camp".
TNAThe National Archives, British National Archives located Kew, Richmond, Greater London, UK TW9 4DU. Often referred to as KEW
WEAWestern European Area
WehrkreisGerman Military Districts, used for organizing divisions of the German Army

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