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Certificates and Awards
State of Missouri non-profit organization certificate
Approval for tax exempt status as a
501 c (3) organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service
Dr. Larry Smith reads the citation to accompany award of Honorary Command Pilot in the 416th Bomb Group as Wayne Downing pins a set of wings on 416th Archivist Wayne G. Sayles. The event took place at the 2013 reunion banquet in Gainesville, MO. Downing flew 86 combat missions during WWII and thousands of hours as command pilot in the B-47 and B-52 during the Cold War.
Doris and Wayne Sayles were honored to be selected as Grand Marshalls at the July 4, 2014 Gainesville, MO Parade, then hosted an open house at the 416th Bomb Group Archive.
At the 2016 416th Bomb Group Reunion, Wayne and Doris Sayles received the George Bledsoe Preservation Award, recognizing "significant contributions to the preservation of WWII military aviation history." from Dr. Vernon L. Williams, Director of the East Anglia Air War Project.
George Bledsoe Preservation Award

Archive HQ Building
Home of the 416th BG Archive
A facelift to the Archive gives it new life.

Veranda and Wall of Honor
The existing wall may be expanded to include hundreds of names if necessary
The Veranda is sheltered by a 20'x60' steel overhang.
Wall of Honor
Wall of Honor
Wall of Honor
Bronze plaque designed by Frank Basford to honor the 416th. Plaques are placed at conspicuous places here and abroad: Arlington National Cemetery; the chapel at Wethersfield, England; the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH; the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, CO; the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, WI; March AFB Museum in Riverside, CA; Judge Lee's courthouse in Pulaski, TN; 416th BG Memorial Exhibit, New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT and 416th BG Archive, Gainesville, MO.
The A-20 Havoc (left) and A-26 Invader (right) served the 9th Air Force and 416th Bomb Group well in the European Theater of WWII
The four Squadron Insignia were copied faithfully from original Group documents
The squadron insignia are mounted above a black granite Wall of Honor bearing dedications to those who served.
The Bomb Squadron Insignia are arranged in numerical order: 668th; 669th; 670th and 671st.

Archive Registrar Office
DVD Player/Monitor
Document Files
Media Center
Reading Room
416th BG related literature

Displays and Artifacts
Robert and William Cramsie USAAC WWII along with gold star and blue star flags. Donated by Tom Rickels.
Shadowbox display case at the 416th Archive
Wartime artifacts donated by Harold D. Andrews, 671st Bomb Squadron
SSgt Frank Basford (669th Bomb Sq. gunner) was a tireless promoter of the 416th in the post-war years. The plaque shown here was created by Frank and was on display at many of the Group reunions that he attended. After his death the plaque passed to his son, and upon his son's death it eventually made its way to the 416th Archive where it now continues to serve as a memorial to the service of this group's veterans.
9th Air Force Staff Sergeant uniform, ca. 1944.
416th Reunion photos
A-20 and A-26 cockpit instruments and navigational aids.
Miscellaneous books, photos and items from the war era.
WWII era magazine article about 416th missions and wartime letters.
Display of 416th and West Point related literature and photos.
Display of items related to the search for Bill Cramsie and crew.
Static and video display of 416th operations.
June 19, 1945 article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Bombardier/Navigator Ralph Conte.
1943 West Point uniform and photos of 1Lt William Edward Cramsie - KIA 10 Apr 44. Sixteen graduates from West Point class of June 43 served with the 416th.
The Present and the Past

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