9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Laon/Athies Aerodrome, France

Station A-69

13 February 1945 to 25 May 1945



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Laon/Athies map. Exhibit # 6, Apr, 45 (AFHRA)

Airfield Sketch

Airfield Sketch (AFHRA, Reel=6637 / IRISREF=A5617 / IRISNUM=215629)

Area Topo Map

Approximate area of Laon/Athies Aerodrome Station A-69
Extracted from GSGS-4336/AMS-M603 Sheet 15 - "St Quentin" 1:100:000 Military Topographic Map
(Downloaded from Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - Army Map Service Topographic Map Series,
Belgium, Series 2364, 1:100,000, U.S. Army Map Service, 1937,
St Quentin sheet)

(Annotated Full Map PDF)

Laon/Athies Aerodrome, France - Google Maps 2019
Approximate Latitude/Longitude: 49.59375000,3.70625000 (49° 35' 37.5" N, 3° 42' 22.5" E) (Click to view in Google Maps)
Located about 3 miles east of the city of Laon, France.

 Situation Room

Situation Room - Laon 1945    (F.J. Cachat photo)


Makeshift construction in the 670th Bomb Sq. living area at Laon-Athies
1Lt. Francis (Sandy) Brewster - 670th pilot (photo courtesy of Wayne Downing)
Capt. Stanley, Lt. Roberts, Capt. Jacobsen at 668th Bomb Sq. quarters
Laon-Athies, France - Spring 1945 (photo courtesy of Phil Stanley)

Downed German FW-190 near Laon-Athies
Left to right: Harold Shapiro, Bob Kehres, Jim Abbott, Dick Shaefer, French Driver
(photo courtesy of Bob Kehres, 670th Engineering Officer)

laon-athies turner

F/O Elizabeth "E.O." Turner  -  670th Bomb Squadron
in the doorway of his tent quarters at Laon-Athies Air Base, France 1945
(photo courtesy of Wayne Downing)

670th BS living area, Laon-Athies France 1945
Left to right: Jim Abbott (670th Ordnance officer),
               E.O. Turner (670th Pilot), Hugh Monroe (670th Pilot), Unknown.
(photo courtesy of Wayne Downing)

Lt. Bruce Morris (B/N), front (officer in rear unknown) at 670th Bomb Sq. living quarters,
Laon-Athies Aerodrome, France (photo courtesy of Wayne Downing)

visiting aircraft
Visiting aircraft at Laon-Athies in 1945
P-51 Mustang and British Lancaster bomber (photo courtesy of Bob Kehres)

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