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Following are Hyper-Links to some sites of further interest:

416th Bomb Group Archive    416th Bomb Group Archive Public Facebook Group

RAF Wethersfield    RAF Wethersfield Public Facebook Group

Wethersfield Airfield Museum    Wethersfield Airfield Museum Public Facebook Group

NEAM    New England Air Museum (NEAM) Douglas A-26C Invader "Reida Rae" Restoration Project

EAAWP    East Anglia Air War Project

Old Segundo    Old Segundo Productions

OPHF    Old Primero Historical Foundation (OPHF)

AFHRA    Air Force Historical Research Agency

Air Force History Index.    Air Force History Index

Honor Flight Network    Honor Flight Network

Military Hall of Honor    Military Hall of Honor

Veterans History Project    Veterans History Project

DPAA    Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency

American Ex-Prisoners of War    American Ex-Prisoners of War

ABMC    American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC)

   St Paul's Cathedral, London, England - American Memorial Chapel - 1958

I.H.S.    Invader Historical Foundation

Douglas A/B-26 Invader    Douglas A/B-26 Invader

B-26 MHS    B-26 Marauder Historical Society

B26.com    B26.com

B-26 POW    B-26 Marauder POW, Escape and Evasion


47th BG    47th Bombardment Group

Joe Baugher    Joe Baugher's USAAS/USAAC/USAAF/USAF Military Aircraft Serials

AAIR    AAIR - Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research

   Foundation for Adopting Graves American Cemetery Margraten

Fields of Honor    Fields of Honor - Database

Witness to War    Witness to War

Antoine d Saint Exupery    Antoine d Saint Exupery

World War II History    World War II History

Americans At War    Americans At War (PBS Series)

American Air Museum    American Air Museum

Army Air Corps Library and Museum    Army Air Corps Library and Museum

Aviation Cadet Museum    Aviation Cadet Museum

DFC Society    The Distinguished Flying Cross Society

WWII AAF Collection    WWII Army Air Forces Collection
(Historical Documents)

Heritage League    The Heritage League Forum Project (adopting Army Air Forces.com Forum)

U.S. Army Center of Military History    U.S. Army Center of Military History

HyperWar    HyperWar Foundation (World War II On The World Wide Web)

HistoryOfWar    Military History Encyclopedia on the Web

HistoryOfWar_WWII    Military History Encyclopedia on the Web - Second World War

HistoryOfWar_WWII_DbD    Military History Encyclopedia on the Web - Second World War Day by Day

A-20s for Russia    A-20s for Russia

NARA AAD    NARA Access to Archival Databases

NARA POW    NARA Search: Records of World War II Prisoners of War

NARA Enlistment Records    NARA Search: Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File 1938-1946 (Enlistment Records)

WWII US Army Enlistment Records    WWII US Army Enlistment Records

Ancestry.com    Ancestry.com World War II Records

Fold3    Fold3

9th Air Force USAAF    9th Air Force USAAF

Veteran Voices    Veteran Voices

Lt. Blair H. Bradford    Ryan Conroy's "Lt. Blair H. Bradford - Mission 50" memorial blog

Hiram Conant    Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Francis Conant

Lou Prucha    Lou Prucha Memorial Site

Sugar Baby    A-26 Invader "Sugar Baby" History

Attack Bombers We Need You    Attack Bombers We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group
by Ralph Conte

MIA, an untold story    MIA, an untold story
by Jen Martz

A-26 Invader Units of World War 2    A-26 Invader Units of World War 2
by Jim Roeder

First to Fall    First to Fall
by Wayne G. Sayles

My Sister's Father    My Sister's Father: Reclaiming Andre
by Debby Fricke Smith

Darwin's War    Darwin's War
by Dr. Larry N. Smith

Air Raids on Lage in the Spring of 1945    Luftangriffe auf Lage im Fruhjahr 1945 (Air Raids on Lage in the Spring of 1945)
by Konrad Soppa

A Brief History of RAF Wethersfield    A Brief History of RAF Wethersfield
by Ross Stewart

Time Over Targets    Time Over Targets - The Story of the 9th Bombardment Division (PDF)

USAAF WWII Chronology    U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945 (On-line, Month-by-Month)

USAAF WWII Chronology    U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. Combat Chronology 1941 - 1945 (PDF)

US Army WWII Chronology    U.S. Army in World War II Chronology 1941 - 1945 (PDF)

Many photographs posted on this site are from the public domain
or were donated to the 416th Bomb Group Archive by the 416th Veterans, their families and friends.
We are thankful to those who preserved these visual memories both then and in the intervening years.
Our thanks also to the following for their contributions:

* Francis J. Cachat: 416th Bomb Group Photo Collection and personal records.

* Ralph Conte: "Attack Bombers, We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group", ISBN: 0-9712387-0-7

* Wayne Downing: personnel photos and details, operational records.

* Bob Kehres: personal photos and details.

* Dave Andrews: personal photos and details.

* Jane and Doug Enman: Unit histories from official archives, personnel photos and veteran contact information.

* Ed Klacik: Air Heritage Inc. Beaver Falls, PA.

* Jim Kerns: 671st BS history.

* Steve Burris: personnel databases, photos and unit transfer orders.

* Air Force Historical Research Agency: operational reports, mission photos and archived material.

* Bart Singletary, Phil Stanley, Jim Church, Greg Hiatt, Ryan Conroy, Rick Prucha: Photos and documents from family archives.

* Bob Basnett; Dick Wheeler; Scotty Street; Ray Jones, Eldon Kreh, Jack Sittarich, Peter Royalty, Bob Kehres, Don Sorrels, Carl Weinert, Al Damico, Billy Brewer, Robert E. Lee, Dan Eastman, Roy Burns, John Freese, Roland Dullnig and other 416th veterans: personal memories.

* Northwestern University WWII Poster Collection

* Donna Cox Hill and WW2 Buddies for information about the 1781st Ordnance Group.

* USMA West Point: Class of June 1943 photos and personnel data.

* "TAPS" courtesy of the U.S. Army Field Band.

* "Goin' Home" and "To The Colors" courtesy of the U.S. Air Force Band.

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