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416th Bombardment Group (L)

Abbreviations, Codes

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Some common abbreviations used by the 416th BG during WWII
(Expanded from the Frank Basford (669th Gunner) Papers at the 416th Archive)

Blank Space-Unknown
116Oissel Bridge Mission
/53Trans from or to: ex; MIA/POW/RMC
?Address, Squadron, Phone Unknown
1SGFirst Sergeant
AARAircraft Accident Report
APNBAiming Point Not Bombed
ARCArmorer Chief
ARMArmorer or Armament
AROArmament Officer
BCOBase Custody Officer
BNBombardier Navigator
BSSBomb Sight Specialist
CCCrew Chief
CMOCommunications Officer
CMWCharge of Mat'l & Weapons
CRPCrypt Section Officer
DCODeputy Commanding Officer
DDD-Day Mission - DD DD (2 Missions)
DDSDental Surgeon
DMPIDesignated (or Desired) Mean/Main Point of Impact
EDSEducation Specialist
ENOEngineering Officer
EXOExecutive Officer
FCFlight Chief
FCWFrench Civilian Worker
FRTFront Line
FRTLNTFront Line Tour
GGunner (God Bless Em)
GAJGroup Adjutant
GCGround Crew
GCOGroup Commanding Officer
GDSGroup Dental Surgeon
GFMFlew on Group First Mission, #1 - 3 March 1944 (SFM same)
GLMFlew on Group Last Mission, #285 - 3 May 1945 (SLM same)
IDPFIndividual Deceased Personnel File
IEOIntelligence Officer
INPInspector Propellers
INSInstrument Specialist
ITTInjured in Training
KIAKilled in Action (God's Hands Now)
KITKilled in Training (Bless Em All)
LCLine Chief
LOCLetter of Commendation
LTILink Trainer Instructor
MACRMissing Air Crew Report
MIAMissing in Action
MPIMean or Main Point of Impact
MSOMess Officer
MSPMisc. Support Personnel
MSSMess Sergeant
MTPMotor Pool
OFMOfficers Mess
OPOOperations Officer
OROOrdnance Officer
PPilot (Throttle Jockey)
PCRParachute Rigger (Geronimo)
PEOPersonnel Equipment Officer
PNBPrimary Not Bombed
POWPrisoner of War
PRJProject Officer
PROPublic Relations Officer
PTOPhysical Training Officer
QMSQuartermaster Supply
RADRadar Specialist
RAORadio Operator
RMCReturned Military Command
RZI(date)MCReturned to Zone of Interior, Missions Complete.
SAJSquadron Adjutant
SAOSquadron Armament Officer
SCOSquadron Commanding Officer
SEOSquadron Executive Officer
SMJSergeant Major
SPOSupply Officer
TSOTechnical Supply Officer
WEOWeather Officer
WEPWeapons Officer
WIAWounded in Action

MACR and AAR Crewmember Status
(Primary Sources: FOLD3 MACR Status Description and AAIR Action Codes)

ALWAlive And Well
Bailed outBailed out
CAPCaptured (?)
DEDDeclared Dead (Public Law 490)
DLDead List
DLDDied in the Line of Duty
DNBDied Non-Battle
DOWDied Of Wounds
DOWRIADied Of Wounds Received In Action
EUSEvacuated To The United States
FODFinding of Death
KBOKilled, Bail Out
KCRKilled in a CRash
KCRGCKilled in Crash Ground Collision
KCRTKilled, CRashed on Take off
KCRTEFKilled CRash on Take off Eng Failure
KIAKilled In Action
Killed on impactKilled on impact
KITKilled In Training
KLACoGKilled in a Landing Accident out of Gas
KMACKilled, Mid Air Collision
LWALightly Wounded In Action
LWIALightly Wounded In Action
LWSLightly Wounded In Service(?)
Major injuriesMajor injuries
MIAMissing In Action
Minor injuriesMinor injuries
NOKNext Of Kin
Not injuredNot injured
POWPrisoner Of War
RETReturned (?)
RMBReturned To Military Control (hospitalized for Battle wounds)
RMCReturned To Military Control
RMNReturned To Military Control (hospitalized for Non-battle injuries)
RTDReturned To Duty
Seriously InjuredSeriously Injured
SIASeverely Injured in Action
Slightly InjuredSlightly Injured
SWASeriously Wounded In Action
WIAWounded In Action
WLDWounded in the Line of Duty

Military Occupation Specialty Codes (MOS)
(134th Infantry Regiment list of MOS codes )

Enlisted and Officer Rank
(Primary Sources: United States Army enlisted rank insignia of World War II and United States Army officer rank insignia)

AbbreviationFull Title
Pvt. / PVTPrivate
Pfc. / PFCPrivate First Class
Cpl. / CPLCorporal
T/5.Technician Fifth Grade
Sgt. / SGTSergeant
T/4.Technician Fourth Grade
S/Sgt. / SSGStaff Sergeant
T/3.Technician Third Grade
T/Sgt.Technical Sergeant
1st Sgt. / 1SGFirst Sergeant
M/Sgt. / MSGMaster Sergeant
Cadet / OTOfficer candidate
CDT / OCOfficer candidate
F/O / Flt OFlight Officer
2d Lt / 2LTSecond Lieutenant
1st Lt / 1LTFirst Lieutenant
Capt / CPTCaptain
Maj / MAJMajor
Lt Col / LTCLieutenant Colonel
Col / COLColonel
Brig Gen / BGBrigadier General
Maj Gen / MGMajor General
Lt Gen / LTGLieutenant General
Gen / GENGeneral
GAFGeneral of the Air Force
GAGeneral of the Army
GASGeneral of the Armies