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Douglas A-26





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A-26 cockpit (pilot unknown)
(AFHRA photo)

A-26 with flak screen protector installed
(Wayne Downing photo)


416th maintenance personnel examine an A-26 Invader that crash landed near Rouen
(photo courtesy of Bob Kehres)

A-26 Models used by 416th BG

The 416th Bomb Group flew two models of the A-26 "Invader".
The solid-nosed "Gun Ship" model was the A-26B and the
glass-nosed model, used primarily as a "Lead Ship" with a Bombardier/Navigator
in addition to the Pilot and Gunner was the A-26C.

Left: Mar 20, 1945. A-26B-20-DL, 41-39274, 5H-S A-26 A/C Before Take-Off. Front A/C is "Sugar Baby" Mission 244
Piloted by Lt Thomas D. McCready with Gunner Cpl Donald W. Hawk

Right: Apr 2, 1945. A-26C-20-DT, 43-22498, 5C-R
(Photos from Captain Francis J. Cachat's 416th Photo Collection)

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USAAF S/N - MSN - DFN Cross Reference lists:
A-26 Invader USAAF S/N - MSN - DFN Cross Reference Douglas Long Beach (DL) Production, First 500 A/C (41-39100 to 41-39599)
A-26 Invader USAAF S/N - MSN - DFN Cross Reference Douglas Tulsa (DT) Production, First 500 A/C (43-22252 to 43-22751)

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