9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Mission # 162 -- November 19, 1944, Sunday PM

Landau, Germany

Ammunition Dump



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Summary of Operations

Field Order        : 61-637
OpRep #            : 230a
Nature of Mission  : Bombing
Mission Status     : No Attack
Bombing Altitude   : 12,000 feet
Take-off Time      : 1415
Time Over Target   : 1541
Landing Time       : 1710
Duration (Hrs:Min) : 2:55

Place of Take-Off  : A-55 Melun/Villaroche, France
A/C Dispatched     : 38 Total -- 6 A-20K's, 32 A-26B's
Illustration       : 9TH AIR FORCE 2ND PHASE REPORT, U.S. 10/T 70 - AREA 1
Illustration Ref   : 061032, 066029
Secondary Target   : Targets of Military Value
Summary of Results : Flight 2 attacked Town of Gurburg (casual), results Unknown due to cloud cover - No Attack by other flights due to 10/10 overcast.

Primary Target Latitude/Longitude: 49.19622,8.12623 (49° 11' 46" N, 8° 7' 34" E)
(Latitude/Longitude based on Google Maps, Selected Town center - Landau, Germany)
(See Latitude/Longitude Coordinates and Target Identifiers for more information.)

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Mission Loading Lists Transcription

Mission # 162 -- November 19, 1944, Sunday PM
Landau, Germany -- Ammunition Dump

Included are Box, Flight and Position; Bomb Squadron; Aircraft Serial Number, Fuselage Code and Model; and Crew Members
transcribed from individual mission Loading List documents by Chris and Mary Adams and Carl Sgamboti.
Some information, such as Squadron, Serial Number, etc. has been expanded from other documents.

Box I -- Flight I
  1  669th                   
  43-22024  2A-E  A-20J
  Capt Huff, M.J.
  Lt Kupits, J.
  Sgt Heath, K.
  Sgt Basford, F.P.
  2  669th                   
  43-22292  2A-H  A-26B
  Lt DeMun, E.E.
  Sgt Kruger, C.J.
  3  669th                   
  43-22300  2A-P  A-26B
  Lt MacManus, P.F.E.
  Cpl Dalton, A.A.
  4  669th                   
  41-39229  2A-B  A-26B
  Lt Sorrels, D.W.
  Sgt Malara, V.A.
  5  669th                   
  41-39232  2A-A  A-26B
  Lt Kehoe, J.W.
  Lt Britt, J.W.
  S/Sgt Burland, A.J.
  6  669th                   
  41-39240  2A-K  A-26B
  Maj Napier, J.G.
  Cpl Perkins, H.W.

Box I -- Flight II
  1  668th                   
  44-093  5H-V  A-20K
  Capt Meagher, J.F.
  Lt Burg, J.J.
  S/Sgt Brown, D.M.
  S/Sgt Flacks, F.L.
  2  668th                   
  41-39218  5H-C  A-26B
  Lt Hale, W.L.
  Sgt Geyer, J.F.
  3  668th                   
  41-39269  5H-K  A-26B
  Lt Jacobsen, O.F.
  Sgt Gooch, H.I.
  4  668th                   
  41-39216  5H-Q  A-26B
  Lt Meredith, R.G.
  S/Sgt MacDonald, R.W.
  5  668th                   
  41-39264  5H-I  A-26B
  Lt Parker, P.E.
  S/Sgt Kochan, S.
  6  670th                   
  41-39235  F6-M  A-26B
  Lt Harris, F.W.
  S/Sgt Hantske, D.

Box I -- Flight III
  1  668th                   
  44-108  5H-M  A-20K
  Capt Bartmus, G.F.
  Lt Hardy, J.F.
  S/Sgt Burch, R.W.
  S/Sgt Yost, C.H.
  2  668th                   
  41-39213  5H-A  A-26B
  Lt McCready, T.D.
  S/Sgt Schenck, D.R.
  [Returned Early No Sortie]
  3  668th                   
  41-39233  5H-F  A-26B
  Lt Kenny, J.P.
  Sgt Sittarich, J.J.
  4  668th                   
  41-39259  5H-H  A-26B
  Lt Colquitt, J.K.
  S/Sgt Raines, D.E.
  5  668th                   
  41-39214  5H-B  A-26B
  Lt Wright, J.W.
  S/Sgt Profita, P.J.
  6  668th                   
  43-22317  5H-O  A-26B
  Lt Montrose, J.H.
  Sgt Calabrese, C.L.

Box I
  SPARE  670th               
  43-22315  F6-L  A-26B
  Lt Sheley, S.H.
  Sgt Tharp, F.M.

Box II -- Flight I
  1  669th                   
  44-075  2A-J  A-20K
  Capt Peck, W.A.
  Lt Madenfort, J.
  Sgt West, N.D.
  Sgt Tranchina, C.E.
  2  669th                   
  43-22344  2A-C  A-26B
  Capt Stebbins, B.D.
  Lt Calloway, A.S.
  S/Sgt Brown, W.J.
  3  669th                   
  41-39242  2A-Q  A-26B
  Lt Street, M.S.
  S/Sgt Carstens, R.W.
  4  669th                   
  41-39244  2A-I  A-26B
  Lt Blomgren, J.E.
  Lt Johnson, G.G.
  S/Sgt Bookach, M.
  5  669th                   
  43-22301  2A-O  A-26B
  Lt Tripp, W.F.
  S/Sgt Mallory, D.F.
  6  670th                   
  43-22324  F6-O  A-26B
  Lt Smith, J.F.
  S/Sgt Hoffman, R.C.

Box II -- Flight II
  1  670th                   
  43-22063  F6-A  A-20J
  Capt Monroe, H.A.
  Lt Kirk, R.L.
  S/Sgt Kidd, W.L.
  S/Sgt Glynn, F.P.
  2  670th                   
  41-39217  F6-I  A-26B
  Lt Leonard, T.J.
  S/Sgt Palmer, T.A.
  3  670th                   
  43-22307  F6-N  A-26B
  Lt Johnson, E.L.
  T/Sgt Goggin, J.F.
  4  670th                   
  43-22334  F6-G  A-26B
  Lt Rooney, R.J.
  S/Sgt Leahigh, L.L.
  5  670th                   
  41-39223  F6-B  A-26B
  Lt Heinke, W.R.
  S/Sgt VanWert, G.R.
  Col Aylesworth, T.R.
  6  670th                   
  41-39227  F6-F  A-26B
  Lt Popeney, H.
  S/Sgt Arnett, W.E.

Box II -- Flight III
  1  671st                   
  44-089  5C-R  A-20K
  Lt Greenley, R.E.
  Lt Mitchell, R.H.
  S/Sgt Worden, H.C.
  S/Sgt Adams, V.P.
  2  671st                   
  41-39284  5C-C  A-26B
  Lt Lackovich, J.J.
  Lt Francis, E.C.
  S/Sgt Connery, T.
  3  671st                   
  41-39265  5C-V  A-26B
  Lt Herman, A.E.
  S/Sgt Young, J.O.
  4  671st                   
  41-39239  5C-N  A-26B
  Lt Brown, C.J.
  Lt Kerns, J.E.
  S/Sgt Sunderland, H.E.
  5  671st                   
  41-39234  5C-P  A-26B
  Lt Fero, D.A.
  Sgt Skelton, T.W.
  6  671st                   
  41-39211  5C-K  A-26B
  Lt Winn, A.J.P.
  Sgt Stephenson, G.G.

Box II
  SPARE  670th               
  41-39224  F6-E  A-26B
  Lt Col Meng, W.J.
  Sgt Elliott, F.W.

Group and Unit Histories

Mission # 162 -- November 19, 1944, Sunday PM
Landau, Germany -- Ammunition Dump

"416th Bombardment Group (L) - Group History 1944"
Transcribed from USAF Archives

The planes took off again that afternoon to fly the first two-mission day in two months. This time the target was an ammunition dump at Landau, Germany. Just east of Nancy, the formation ran into a solid bank of clouds that extended up from 5,500 feet. The formation got split up at this point and no attack was made on the primary. One flight did go in deeper and dropped through a small hole on a group of buildings, which crew members said were hit with excellent results. The planes landed in total darkness. Seven were diverted to other fields. Captain Huff, who completed his 65th mission that afternoon, Lt Kupits, B-N, and Captain Peck, Lt Madenfort, B-N, led the two boxes.

"Attack Bombers, We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group"
Ralph Conte
Pages 169 - 170

Mission #162 - 19 November - PM - Landau Airdrome. Captain Huff and Lt. Kupits, BN and Captain Peck and Lt. Madenfort BN, led boxes. Lts. Greenley and Mitchell, BN, Captain Bartmus and Lt. Hardy, BN and Lts. Meagher and Burg, BN led flights. A heavy cloud bank moved in over the target causing all planes to return to base, loaded. The formation made three attempts to drop their bombs, but the clouds did not part long enough for the BNs to zero their bombsights in on the aiming point. Captain Bartmus and Lt. "Gus" Ebenstein got reprieved from future missions, since this was their 65th, and thankfully, it was another "Milk-Run?" This was the second mission of the day with some of the crews not being able to grab dinner between flights. The usual experienced and helpful crew chiefs and their mechanics, along with armament and engineering, were able to re-load and refuel the planes to take on this hurried second trip. With the intense overcast which moved in, the flights dispersed and required some of them to land at bases other than the home base. Fortunately. this was done with no losses or mishaps.

"669th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

That afternoon Captain Huff and Captain Peck led the two boxes that took off to attack an ammunition dump at Landau. A solid bank of clouds just east of Nancy forced the formation to abandon the mission. The planes landed in total darkness. Captain Huff flew his 65th mission on this attack to complete his tour of duty.

"670th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

Two missions were flown on November 19th, making a busy three-day introduction for the new "Invaders". Twelve of our crews participated in a morning attack on Merzig, Germany, strongpoints, which included a storage depot, a railroad bridge, and the defended locality. Because of weather, crews were forced to bomb from 6,000 feet.

Recognition for excellent bombing on November 15th [19th] was received by our Division's units during the week in form of a letter from Lieutenant General Patton. The letter was endorsed by Lieutenant General Bradley, Commanding General, 12th Army, Major General Vandenberg, Commanding General, Ninth Air Force, and Major General Anderson who sent it to the various Groups. It read as follows:

The splendid bombing on the German town of Merzig on the morning of 19 November by over 160 medium bombers of your command is producing excellent results. This bombing, coupled with your afternoon effort on the ordnance depot at Pirmasens, I am certain will materially assist this army in cracking the Siegfred Line and defeating the German nation.

The willingness of your airmen to go in against heavily defended targets is an inspiration to this Army.

For all of the officers and men of the 3rd US Army I wish to express to you our appreciation for your cooperation and our admiration for your magnificent efforts.

In endorsing the letter General Bradley wrote "I take great pleasure in forwarding the foregoing letter from General Patton and wish to add my own appreciation of a job well done."

General Anderson in transmitting the letter wrote "It is a great pleasure for me to add to the above message my own commendation to each combat crew and all ground personnel who have in any way contributed to this offensive for their courage, loyalty and efficient performance in a most important and hazardous task."

The afternoon mission, of which there were seven of our crews, was against the Landau ordnance depot, but the weather prevented identification of the target, so no bombs were dropped.

[November 19, 1944], HQ Twelfth Army Group situation map

Map showing Western Allies and Axis troop position details in Western Europe
as of approximately 1200 hours, November 19, 1944
World War II Military Situation Maps Collection
Library of Congress

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