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669th personnel - Melun

669th Personnel - Melun, France  1944  (photo courtesy of Roy Burns)

Crew Photos

A-20G crew of Lt. Willard H. Land (center) and gunner Ssgts Alden and Ballinger

Capt. Hulse, Ssgt Stevens, Lt. Conte, Ssgt Allred checking mission route - Wethersfield
(Photo courtesy of Ralph Conte)

Wethersfield, April 1944 - L to R: Tunnel Gunner Ssgt J.S. Wing (aka Edwin Joe);
Pilot 1st Lt. Tonnis Boukamp; Turret Gunner Ssgt Russell Colosimo
(Photo courtesy of Andy Fluxe)


L to R: Jack Smith, Julian "Bud" Allen, Roland Enman, Bill Tripp and Leo Poundstone
(photo courtesy of Joanne Tripp)

669th crews

669th Crews at Melun.  L to R: William Green; Bob Behlmer?; George Steed?;
Bill Tripp, Bob Johnson, Earl Hayter, Ross Cornell, Allen Gullion, Leo Poundstone, Jimmy Farley.

(photo courtesy of Joanne Tripp)

Dave Hulse

Lt. Dave Hulse on the cover of a French tabloid, Melun 1944

Scott and Mallory

Sgts. Scott (left) and Mallory, gunners on crew of Lt. William F. Tripp, digging a fox hole at Melun
(photo courtesy of Joanne Tripp)



SSgt Kenneth Bailey, Crew Mechanic, A-20G #181 - refueling "Daddy Land's Commando"

Post War Obituaries

Franklin Pierce "Frank" Basford

Claude Joseph "Brownie" Brown

Charles NMI "Charlie" Church

Ralph Francis "Rafe" Conte, Sr.

Vincent Ferraro "Vinnie" Fair

Meredith Joy "Joy" Huff

Willard Horace "Sheriff" Land

Emile Charles "Dutch" Martin

Louis NMI Moskowitz

Dr. Garland Doty "Daniel/Doc" Murphy, Jr.

William Aiken "Bill/Bull" Peck

Edward Julius Renth, Jr.

Frederick Latzer "Tiny" Stemler

Roy Burnette Surles, Sr.

Carl Emil Weinert

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