671st BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

671st Bombardment Squadron (L)





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Squadron Headquarters Personnel


Lt. Col. David L. Willetts, Commander, 671st Bomb Sq.

(photo courtesy of Jim Kerns)

Lt. Col. Lloyd F. Dunn, Commander, 671st Bomb Sq. (May 1945)

receiving birthday cake from officer of the mess [name unknown] (Photo Courtesy of Jim Kerns)


Major Leland C. Nielsen, 671st Bomb Sq. Operations Officer

(photo courtesy of Jim Kerns)


Major C. Gray McCullah

(photo courtesy of Jim Kerns)


Doctor Leland Randles (Flight Surgeon) with Joseph A. May

(photo courtesy of Jim Kerns)



Crew Photos

Lt. Alfred H. Maltby? (668th) left  -  Lt. Bob Basnett (671st) right
Wethersfield England 1944

A-20G "Uncle Bob" at Wethersfield, England on 16 Aug 44, Lt. Francis W. Demand (P) and Lt. William A. Merchant (P)

Lt. Joe Lackovich (P) stands behind Lt. Bob Basnett (BN)

at the entrance to their "improved" quarters at Melun-Villaroche, Fall of 1944 (photo courtesy of Bob Basnett)


Capt. A. H Thiel and F/O Brandt

Here is the American Flight Officer rank story.
To get an Officer Commission, one must be over 21 years of age.   Before WWII started one had to be
21 to be accepted as an Aviation Cadet.  After WWII started they began to take in cadets at age 18. This meant they would
graduate before they were 21.  A new rank was created (similar to the Army Warrant Officer rank).  It was called Flight Officer. The
insignia was a gold bar with blue stripes.  The Aviation Cadet that earned his wings before he was 21 received the Army rank
of Flight Officer.  Later there were Staff Sergeant pilots.  They were soldiers who went into pilot training from the Army's
enlisted ranks.  The RAF also had a rank called Flight Officer.  It was
an English Commissioned rank similar to our Lieutenant rank. (submitted by Wayne Downing)


Captain Richard P. Tutt alongside "near miss" flak hole in cockpit

Capt. Burdette "Burt" Parker, Melun, France Fall of 1944 (photo courtesy of Phil Stanley)



James Donald "Herky" Adams

Harold David "Dave" Andrews, Jr.

Dr. Robert J. "Bob" Basnett

William Earl "Billy" Brewer, Sr.

Hilary Primus "Hilary" Cole

George Moss Cook

Francis Wilhelm "Frenchie" De Mand

Dan Moroni Eastman

Benjamin Gust Fandre

Floyd William "George" Henderson

Raymond Joseph Jones

James E. Kerns

Gentry Lavern "Bud" Milhorn

Francis McVey "Frank/Smokey" Peppiatt

Richard Albert Rawling

Roger Marcel Roy

Joseph John Rzepka

Richard Vincent "Dick" Wheeler

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