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The people of the Midwest were brought much closer to the war in the spring of 1943 when one of Uncle Sam's most potent offensive weapons was created at Will Rogers Field near Oklahoma City. As a result of the usual administrative maze, (AG 320.2, "1-24-43", OB-I-AF-M) the 671st Bombardment Squadron (L), was constituted January 25, 1943 and emerged as an active unit of the 416th Bombardment Group (L) on February 5, 1943. (C.O. 3, Headquarters, Army Air Base, Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma). Immediately upon activation the entire group was attached to the 46th Bombardment Group (L) and assigned to the Third Air Support Command.

During the first ten days of its career the Squadron was entirely a "paper" organization. The first personnel consisting of nine officers and sixty enlisted men under the command of Captain David L. Willetts was assigned for duty on February 15, 1943.

671st BS Fuselage Code: 5C

671st Bombardment Squadron (L) History
25 January 1943 to 30 June 1945

Transcription from USAF Archives (Declassified IAW EO 12958 and 13526)
See also PDF versions of Transcription and Original pages.

671st Unit History (PDF)
As originally recorded in the personal diary of Gordon Russell, assembled by Jim Kerns
(The above PDF was scanned during the 2015 416th BG Reunion from a copy owned by Robert Henderson)
See also PDF version as transcribed by Jane Enman

(Note: Depending on Internet speed, PDF files may take some time to download and display.)

Aircraft Marking

Lawrence Edstrom article in the Princeton Union-Eagle (PDF version)

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